Dothan Highlights
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Dothan Highlights

What sets Dothan apart?

Dothan is one of the region’s most progressive cities. The community offers a mild winter climate, affordable housing, low property taxes and a wide variety of products and services that includes health care, education, shopping and cultural entertainment. Located a few short miles from the state lines of Florida and Georgia, the area embraces the best that life has to offer, providing its residents not only modern conveniences and amenities of much larger cities, but also retains the charm and friendliness of the South.


More than just a place to build a better life, Dothan has built-in advantages that also make it better for business: strategic location, easy access, strong work ethic, trained work force, sound and diversified economy, first rate educational institutions and pro-business tax structure.


Serving as a resource and advocate for business, the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce sets its priorities each year based on opportunities that will advance the economy and community in the area. The organization strives to shape the future for its members and the area’s residents by building a community that will meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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