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Sales Taxes
State Income Tax

State Sales Tax - 4%
City Sales Tax - 4%
County Sales Tax - 1%
Total Sales Tax - 9%


Married/File Joint
First $1,000 - 2%
Next $5,000 - 4%
Over $6,000 - 5%


Single/Head Household
First $500 - 2%
Next $2,500 - 4%
Over $3,000 - 5%


Ad Valorem - Residential property is taxed at a rate of 33 mills x 10 precent of assessed value. There is a homestead exemption for totally disabled persons or persons over 65 years of age with $7,500 or less income if they live on the property. Other exemptions are based on individual situations. Income from specified Alabama Retirement Systems, the United States Civil Service Retirement System, Military Retirement Systems and benefits received under a "defined benefit plan," as defined under Section 414(j) of the Internal Revenue Code, are exempt from Alabama income tax.


Alabama Cost of Living And Taxes:

How far your retirement money can go is dependent on two things, the local cost of living, which normally does not address taxes, and state and local taxes. This site provides information and links to assist in your retirement location decision making process.

In 2008, Alabama ranked 46th in a ranking of states by "effective state and local tax burdens." Alabama's tax burden as a percentage of income was 8.6 percent, as opposed to the U.S. average of 9.7 percent. Alabama tax burden per capita was $3,144 as compared to the U.S. average of $4,283. (Source:

A net pay calculator allows you to calculate taxes on income and compare to other locations. Visit

Cost of living comparator allows quick cost of living comparisons between communities; four links are provided:

  1. Bankrate Cost of Living Comparison (uses current ACCRA data)
  2. CNN Money Cost of Living Comparison



State and local taxes are a significant factor in selecting a retirement location. Alabama is consistently ranked within the bottom 10 percent of states for cost of state and local tax burdens. A ranking of states can be found at Information on specific state taxes and exemptions is provided below.

For frequently asked tax questions visit


Sales Taxes:

State sales tax is 4 percent; prescription drugs exempt. The rate can go as high as 12 percent depending on city and county taxes. The state administers over 200 different city and county sales taxes; however, it does not administer all county or city sales taxes. To view city or county sales, use, lodging or rental taxes go to

Sales, Use, Lodgings and Rental Tax Rates Detail Report:

City: Dothan
Locality Code: 9653
County Location: Houston County

Current Tax Rates as of the June 1, 2009:

Tax Type       Rate Type       Rate       Active Date       Action       PJ         Administrator
CONSUMERS USE       AUTO       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
CONSUMERS USE       FARM       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
CONSUMERS USE       GENERAL       4.000%       06-01-2009       RC       N         ALATX
CONSUMERS USE       MFG. MACHINE       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
LODGINGS       GENERAL       6.000%       06-01-2009       RC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       AUTO       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       FARM       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       GENERAL       4.000%       06-01-2009       RC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       MFG. MACHINE       0.750%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       VENDING       3.000%       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SALES TAX       W/D FEE       $3.750       06-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SELLERS USE       AUTO       0.750%       6-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SELLERS USE       FARM       0.750%       6-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX
SELLERS USE       GENERAL       4.000%       6-01-2009       RC       N         ALATX
SELLERS USE       MFG. MACHINE       0.750%       6-01-2009       AC       N         ALATX


State Tax Rates:

Tax Type           Rate Type              Rate                                                            
CONSUMERS USE           AUTO          2.000%                                                            
CONSUMERS USE           FARM          1.500%                                                            
CONSUMERS USE           GENERAL          4.000%                                                            
CONSUMERS USE           MFG. MACHING          1.500%                                                            
LODGINGS TAX                 GENERAL (MOUNTAIN LAKES AREA)         5.000%
LODGINGS TAX                 GENERAL (ALL OTHER AREAS)         4.000%
RENTAL TAX                 AUTO         1.500%
RENTAL TAX                 LINENS/GARMENTS         2.000%
RENTAL TAX                 GENERAL         4.000%
SALES TAX                 AUTO         2.000%
SALES TAX                 FARM         1.500%
SALES TAX                 GENERAL         4.000%
SALES TAX                 MFG. MACHINE         1.500%
SALES TAX                 VENDING (FOOD PRODUCTS)         3.000%
SALES TAX                 VENDING (ALL OTHER)         4.000%
SELLERS USE                 AUTO         2.000%
SELLERS USE                 FARM         1.500%
SELLERS USE                 GENERAL         4.000%
SELLERS USE                 MFG. MACHINE         1.500%


Code Explanations:

For City/County code explanations, click here.

Action Indicator: NT - New Tax; RC - Rate Change; AC - Agency Change

PJ Indicator: N - No tax levied in the police jurisdiction
                            Y - Tax levied in the PJ; normal rate is 1/2 the rate in corporate limits

Sales Tax W/D Fee: Automobile Demonstrator Fee - for automobile dealers only

LodgingsTax W/D Fee: No. of Room Nights - for lodging providers only



Motor Fuels Tax:

State tax rates with applicable Code of Alabama 1975 Sections:

Tax Type     Tax Rate     Code Section  
Gasoline     $.12 per gallon
$.04 per gallon
$.16 per gallon
Motor Fuels
    $.13 per gallon
$.06 per gallon
$.19 per gallon
Aviation Gas
Jet Fuel
    $.010 per gallon
$.030 per gallon
Lubricating Oil     $.02 per gallon
$.04 per gallon
$.06 per gallon
Wholesale Oil License    
1/2 of 1% on gross sales
for the preceding fiscal year*
*NOTE: This is levied on
the first wholesale
transaction in Alabama.






Seating Capacity


Tax Rate

Code Section

Motor Carrier Mileage    

Not less than nine (9) nor more than 16

Seventeen (17) thru twenty-one (21)

Twenty-two (22) thru twenty-five (25)

Greater than twenty-five (25)


$.025 per mile

$.005 per mile

$.075 per mile

$. 01 per mile





Houston County Fuel Taxes:

Cottonwood     1 cent     Houston     N     Non-State Adm.
Houston County     1 cent     Houston     N     Non-State Adm.
Taylor     1 cent     Houston     N     Non-State Adm.


State Cigarette Tax:

42.5 cents/pack of 20

53.125 cents/pack of 25


Personal Income Taxes:

Tax Rate Range: Low - 2%; High - 50%

Income Brackets: *Lowest - $500; Highest - $3,000

Number of Brackets: Three

Personal Exemptions: Single - $1,500; Married - $3,000; Dependents - $300

Standard Deduction: Single - $2,000; Married filing joint return - $4,000

Medical/Dental Deduction: Limited to excess of 4% of adjusted gross income


Federal Income Tax Deduction: Full

Retirement Income Taxes: Social Security, military, civil service, state/local government and qualified private pensions are exempt. All out-of-state government pensions are tax-exempt if they are defined benefit plans.


Retired Military Pay: Pay and survivor benefits not taxed.

Military Disability Retired Pay: Disability Portion - Length of Service Pay; Member on September 24, 1975 - No tax; Not Member on Sept. 24, 1975 - Taxed, unless combat incurred. Retired Pay - Based solely on disability: Member on Sept. 24, 1975 - No tax; Not Member on Sept. 24, 1975 - Taxed, unless all pay based on disability and disability resulted from armed conflict, extra-hazardous service, simulated war, or an instrumentality of war.

VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: Not subject to federal or state taxes.

Military SBP/SSBP/RCSBP/RSFPP: Generally subject to state taxes for those states with income tax. Check with state department of revenue office.


An extensive list of exemptions are provided at


Property Taxes:

Houston County collects 33 mills on property within a municipality and 28 mills for property in the rural area of Houston County. Homeowners can claim a homestead exemption at the Houston County Revenue Commissioner's office located at 462 N. Oats St., Fifth floor, Dothan, Ala. For additional information on homestead exemptions, maps of parcels in Houston County and other tax questions, call (334) 677-4714 or visit

Each county has its own millage rate.


Inheritance and Estate Taxes:

There is no inheritance tax and the estate tax is limited to federal estate tax collection.

For further information, visit the the Alabama Department of Revenue website or call (334) 242-1170. If you are thinking about retiring to Alabama, click here.

*For joint returns, the taxes are twice the tax imposed on half the income.