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Employment of People with Disabilities

The participation of persons with disabilities in the workforce of today is important for both the employers and the employees. Historically, persons with disabilities have participated in the workforce at a much lower rate than the general population. This situation is caused by several factors.
  1. Persons with disabilities often feel disenfranchised.
  2. They often have transportation barriers.
  3. Employers are not aware of the extent and potential of this largely untapped labor pool.
  4. There has been no comprehensive program to link disabled persons with employers
  5. .Employers enjoyed the benefits of a large and available labor pool without pursuing participation of those with disabilities.
  6.  For specific data please read the U.S. Chamber booklet Disability: Dispelling the Myths , available at

This site is provided to serve as a portal to information and services for those employers interested in seeking out and hiring persons with disabilities. It is with that objective in mind that the following information is provided.

U.S. Business Leaders Network

This network provides assistance and guidance to employers, job applicants and service providers in an attempt to match competent disabled workers to jobs they can perform. This site links to the Alabama Business Leaders Employment Network (ABLE), which is a business, state, and federal partnership.

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy

Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

The primary purpose of the Governor's Committee is to carry on a continuing program to promote the employment and rehabilitation of persons who have disabilities by creating statewide interest in the rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities and by advocating for a comprehensive statewide system for access to assistive technology and by obtaining and maintaining cooperation with public and private groups and individuals in this field.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director
Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
Department of Rehabilitation Service
P.O. Box 11586
Montgomery, AL 36111-0586
(334) 281-8780 (Voice/TTY)
(334) 288-1104 (FAX)

Dothan Area Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

This organization is an extension of the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with disabilities. Its purpose is to promote the employment of persons with disabilities in the Dothan community.

Its mission statement is: To create an environment in which all people could be an integral part of the Dothan area business community.

Contact Pam Solomon, Vocational Rehab Councilor
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
795 Ross Clark Circle, NE
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 792-0022 (Voice)
(334) 792-1783 (FAX)

Incentives for Hiring the Disabled

Job Accommodations